Articles by Tom Loredo and Phil Gregory

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  3. Gregory, P. C. and Thomas. J. Loredo, 1992, ``A New Method For The Detection Of A Periodic Signal Of Unknown Shape And Period,'' in The Astrophysical Journal, Astrophysical J., 398, p.146; also available as a postscript file.

  4. Gregory, P. C., 1999, ``Bayesian Periodic Signal Detection. I. Analysis of 20 Years Of Radio Flux Measurements Of The X-Ray Binary LSI+61 303,'' Astrophysical Journal, in press Feb 25; postscript file.

  5. Gregory, P. C., M. Peracaula and A. R. Taylor, 1999, ``Bayesian Periodic Signal Detection. II. Discovery of Periodic Phase Modulation in LSI+61 303 Radio Outbursts,'' Astrophysical Journal, in press Jan. 17; also available as a postscript file.

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