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Probability Theory As Extended Logic

Last Modified 10-23-2014

Edwin T. Jaynes was one of the first people to realize that probability theory, as originated by Laplace, is a generalization of Aristotelian logic that reduces to deductive logic in the special case that our hypotheses are either true or false. This web site has been established to help promote this interpretation of probability theory by distributing articles, books and related material. As Ed Jaynes originated this interpretation of probability theory we have a large selection of his articles, as well as articles by a number of other people who use probability theory in this way:

E. T. Jaynes

A new version of the Bayesian Analysis Software with a Java based GUI is available. See the Bayesian Analysis Software home page for an overview of the software, installation procedures. For a description of the applications contained in the software see this pakage list. The user manual for the Bayesian Analysis Software, can be downloaded here. This version of the manual was placed online May 28, 2014.

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